We are an exceptionally well equipped department in which students have access to a vast array of specialisms, including painting, mixed media, ceramics and printing. Students work in spacious rooms which enable them to work on ambitious projects in a range of scales, from tiny precious objects to life size figurative work. We have the luxury of subject specialist teaching staff who are skilled painters, ceramicists, jewellers and designers.

  • Teaching Staff

    Ms Kelly Davies – Head of Department – email: Art@jkhs.org.uk
    Mrs Julie Turner – 3D Design
    Miss Rhiannon Williams – Fine Art
    Mrs Anna Taylor – Fine Art

  • Support Staff

    Mrs Wendy Brann – Art and 3D Technician

  • Key Stage 3 Curriculum

    Throughout Years 7-9 all students study a range of artists and themes, incorporating a range of skills, mixed media, techniques and processes into each project. Students are encouraged to draw from direct observation and they are taught a range of creative processes such as painting, sculpture, ceramics & modelling.

    Year 7

    • Mark Making: Students explore the fundamentals of drawing through mark making. They study the artwork of Fabric Lenny and create a cardboard sculpture in his style.
    • Peace Poster: Students begin preparation for the theme set by the International Lions Peace Poster and take part in an international competition.

    Year 8

    • Peace Poster: Students create a Peace Poster based around a set theme and enter posters into an international competition.
    • Insects: Students explore a range of creative processes to draw insects from life as well as a range of exciting artists, inspiring them to create their own ‘hybrid insect’ sculpture.

    Year 9

    • The Built Environment: Students are taught about Architecture and start to create GCSE standard artist pages within their sketchbooks. They are taught to refine their skills ready for GCSE Art.
    • Pop Art: Students explore a range of artists and are asked to engage with topical news and create artwork in response.
  • Key Stage 4 Curriculum

    Students have the option to complete a GCSE in EDEXCEL Fine Art or 3D Design. These are two year courses which are examined at the end of Year 11. At GCSE 60% of the final mark is dependent on coursework and 40% is the externally set exam.

    Over the two years students are taught to explore and refine a range of creative processes under the assessment objectives AO1, AO2, AO3 and AO4. They complete a range of coursework projects from Still Life to Identity.

  • Key Stage 5 Curriculum

    Students are given the opportunity to study EDEXCELL Fine Art and 3D A Level courses. These courses are examined at the end of Year 12 and year 13, with a weighting of 50% coursework 50% exam in year 12 and 60% coursework 40% exam weighting in year 13.

    Over the two years students will explore a range of projects from Futurism to Transformation as well as self-directed themes to encourage artistic ownership in preparing them for future studies.