Religious Education

RE at John Kyrle High School is a compulsory subject studied by all students. The School follows the Herefordshire Locally Agreed Syllabus. In Years 7 – 11 students receive two lessons of RE a fortnight. Homework is set for KS3 students typically twice a month. RE is the one subject that has probably changed more than any other since your parents / carers were at school.

  • Mr N Wardale – Head of RE, email:
    Miss J Kelly (English)
    Miss R Williams (Art)
    Miss H Mather
    Mr K Phillips (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Key Stage 3

    Throughout Years 7-9 students study a mixture of thematic and specific religious schemes of work.

    Year 7

    Year 8

    Year 9

    • Introducing religions and beliefs
    • World Faith: Judaism
    • The Journey of Life
    • The Life and Teachings of Jesus
    • The Life and Teachings of Buddha
    • Religion, Philosophy and Science.
    • Religion and Conflict
    • Introduction to GCSE RE: Islam



    Homework plays a vital role in your learning. Your teacher will set you homework 2-3 times each half-term. Please look out for the following tasks typically set during Years 7 & 8. Your teacher may choose to set you different or additional tasks depending on your own learning needs.

    Year 7 Homework

    Year 8 Homework

    • Design a logo to represent the diversity of religions and beliefs found in the UK.
    • Conduct a survey of different beliefs people you know have about the existence of God.
    • ‘What makes me, me’ poster.
    • Learn the spellings of key terms / words; e.g. belief, agnostic, monotheist.
    • An extended piece of imaginative writing.
    • Create a symbol that represents you!
    • Write a prayer that could be used by someone who believes in God.
    • An acrostic poem or a junk model based on one of the creation stories.
    • Create a poster about problems facing the environment.
    • An extended piece of writing about religious responses to environmental problems.
    • Plan and create a vegetarian meal for your family J
    • Research information about Abraham, Moses and / or Elijah.
    • Complete ‘Rebekkah’s Story’ (based on Jewish beliefs about Sabbath)
    • Revise for a test / assessment activity.
    • Create an imaginative poster showing ‘The journey of life.’
    • Write a letter explaining what happens at a ‘Brit Milah’ or ‘Infant Baptism’ ceremony.
    • Prepare a speech that you could give at your own coming of age celebration.
    • A Bar / Bat Mitzvah rap…
    • Produce a guide for a couple considering getting married in a Church, Mosque or Synagogue.
    • Design a coffin that reflects your personality.
    • Collect a wide variety of different images of Jesus. Write a short paragraph explaining which your favourite is.
    • Learn the spellings of key terms / words; e.g. parable, disciple, baptism.
    • Write a film review of ‘The Miracle Maker.’
    • Write a modern day version of one of Jesus’ parables.
    • Create your own Easter Garden / stain glass window showing key events from the Easter story.
    • Think of 10 questions to ask about Buddhism. Research the answers to 3 or 4 of your questions.
    • Conduct a survey of different views people you know have about whether money / wealth leads to happiness.
    • A poster highlighting key Buddhist teachings…
    • ‘Life Swap’ empathy project.
    • Revise for a test / assessment.


  • Key Stage 4

    We currently offer the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies (short course) to all students in Years 10 and 11. In addition some students opt to top this up to a full course qualification.

    Topic List

    Short Course

    • Key Christian Beliefs
    • Intro to Crime and Punishment
    • Key Muslim Beliefs
    • Marriage and Family Life

    This will display the Exam Board RE pages.

  • Key Stage 5

    We offer the NEW linear Eduqas A?S and A level Religious Studies course focusing on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Judaism. Presently around 40 students are following a post-16 qualification in RS. Students take part in visits to places such as London, New York and Washington DC.

    View the OCR Exam Board specification here.