With a team of Geography graduates and situated, as we are, in the beautiful Wye Valley AONB, the department seeks to foster a curiosity and love for the world around us amongst all our students. Where possible and practical we aim to take students outside of the classroom in order to ‘bring learning to life’. This may take the form of microclimate fieldwork on the school field in Y7 or culminate in the week long A level residential in Exmoor.


    Teaching Staff

    Mr G Calderbank – Head of Department, email:
    Mr J Smith
    Mr R Wallace (Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form)

  • Key Stage 3

    In KS3 students will study a variety of topics that will introduce them to the diverse nature of the subject.  As you will see in the table below, some of the topics studied will appear familiar whilst others may (at first) be less recognizable as being ‘traditional’ Geography! We aim to provide our students with as broad a range of study as possible, with a balance between both Physical and Human Geography.  At JKHS, our programme of study is closely linked to the requirements of the National Curriculum, whilst at the same time ensuring the best possible foundation for those students who will go on to study Geography further at GCSE and P-16.  We use a variety of teaching methods that includes group work, presentations, IT and fieldwork.

    Year 7Geography of ChocolateSettlementWeather & Climate
    Year 8Hazardous WorldsRivers & CoastsFragile Environments
    Year 9CrimeEnergy & Climate ChangePopulation
  • Key Stage 4

    Students study the AQA Geography Spec A syllabus which covers both Physical and Human Geography topics.  In addition to two written examinations at the end of Y11, which make up 75% of their final grade, students are required to undertake a fieldwork investigation which is then written up in school and forms their Controlled Assessment.

    The topics that students study are:

    • Unit 1 (Physical Geography) – The Restless Earth, Water on the Land & The Coastal Zone
    • Unit 2 (Human Geography) – Population Change, Changing Urban Environments, Globalization

    Students will be issued with a textbook, which they are expected to bring to every lesson and take good care of.  Additional material, including links to appropriate websites, video clips, revision material & past questions / mark-schemes etc, will be available on the JKHS VLE.

    Students will be set homework each week (in the form of past exam questions) and will complete an end of unit test at the end of each topic.  There will also be an exam in Y10 and a mock exam in Y11.

    GCSE Geography Spec

  • Key Stage 5

    There is no doubt that Geography is something of a Marmite subject – some people love it whilst others hate it!  By the time students join us post-16, they will have already developed a taste for Geography – we aim over the course of Y12 & 13 to turn this into a love for Geography.  The choice of course taken by our Y13 Geographers over the years suggests that we are pretty successful in achieving this aim!

    Post-16 Geography at JKHS is delivered by all three members of the Department, who focus on areas of particular interest and expertise.  Students study the AQA Geography specification which is a balance of both Human & Physical Geography.  Whilst the topics studied at A level are selected to link closely with what students have studied previously at GCSE, it is not a requirement for students to have taken GCSE Geography prior to studying A level; indeed some of our most successful students in the past have joined us without a GCSE in Geography!

    The highlight of P-16 Geography at JKHS is the Y12 residential field-trip to the FSC centre at Nettlecombe Court in Somerset.  Students spend a week in the field working in small groups and individually collecting data from a variety of locations, including the River Holford and at Porlock Bay.  The students will then work on analysisng and presenting their data to draw conclusions.  This is all in preparation for the exams that they will sit at the end of Y12 that test candidates’ understanding of their investigation and the methods they used.

    At present, students spend Y12 working towards an AS qualification which is examined in two units: GEOG1 & GEOG2.  In addition to these two units, students also sit GEOG4A which is an assessment of their fieldwork investigation undertaken during the residential field-trip earlier in the year.

    This means that students are then free to concentrate on the one remaining A2 module, GEOG3, for the whole of Y13.

    A level Geography Spec