Foreign Languages

Subject overview

The Modern Foreign Languages Department prides itself on offering highly interactive, exciting lessons and utilizes a variety of innovative resources, including our state of the art language laboratory, which is one of only two in the county. The language laboratory provides intensive practice in the key skills of listening and speaking whilst, at the same time, giving an opportunity for our students to personalize their learning. We aim to facilitate proficiency in the use of one, usually two, and sometimes three, languages. This involves not only linguistic competence but a thorough understanding of different cultures, as well as bringing languages to life by spending time in a country in which it is spoken. There is a wide range of optional visits to France, Spain, and Germany.

  • Teaching Staff

    Mr J Salway (German & Spanish) – Head of Department, email: mfl@jkhs.org.uk
    Miss H Parry (Spanish & French) – Second in Department, email: mfl@jkhs.org.uk
    Ms E Colclough (French & Spanish)
    Mrs S Gunter (French & German)
    Miss L Lorenz (German)
    Mrs S Kimmenauer (French & Spanish)

  • Support Staff

  • Key Stage 3

    At KS3 students are fortunate to be able to study 3 languages – French, German and Spanish. Students will participate in a wide range of activities which aim to develop their linguistic competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a range of situations and contexts. They will apply linguistic knowledge and skills to understand and communicate effectively, and understand how a language works and how to manipulate it. They will learn a variety of problem solving skills to recognise that languages differ but may share common grammatical, syntactical or lexical features. We would like our KS3 languages students to use their imagination in expressing thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings and opinions and to gain enjoyment and intellectual stimulation through a variety of teaching and learning styles and activities.

  • Key Stage 4

    We currently offer WJEC Eduqas GCSE’s in French, Spanish and German. Students receive four five of contact time for French, Spanish and German over a two week period. Students will participate in a wide range of activities which aim to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, with an emphasis on producing language. Our aim is for students to develop independent writing skills and to improve fluency and confidence in speaking the target language. We use a range of resources, including authentic materials, often from the internet. We subscribe to several language learning websites and students can play games aimed at testing vocabulary and encouraging language retention. Lessons are differentiated, to give all students the best resources to enable them to fulfil their potential.

    Eduqas French Specification Eduqas  Spanish Specification Eduqas  German Specification
  • Key Stage 5

    To be able to do a language at A-level, you need to aim for at least a grade C/5 at GCSE. The A level Modern Language course is structured so that you will study four modules each year. These will form the basis of the reading, writing and listening exams and also the speaking test. Translation also forms part of the course. There is no coursework for this A level. With around (five) hours of class time a week dedicated to learning your language, this is a fast-paced environment, where you will quickly see noticeable improvements in your language skills. You will have to do exams in both years of study. The topics that you cover will be really varied, so you not only greatly improve your language speaking ability, use of grammar, different tenses, and know more vocabulary, but you will also learn about culture, history, literature, society, the environment and lifestyle. A measure of the success of language learning at John Kyrle is the number of students who go on to read modern languages at university. Employment rates after languages degrees are amongst the very highest, with employers particularly welcoming graduates with good communication skills and who offer one or more modern foreign languages.

    Exam board is Eduqas and exam board PDF specifications for AS French, A2 French, AS Spanish, A2 Spanish, AS German &   A2 German can be found by following the links shown.