Business Studies is taught in Years 10 to 13. Business Studies students investigate how businesses operate and examine the contribution made by the finance, operations, human resources and marketing departments to the success of their organisations. In addition, students also explore the external environment that businesses operate in to understand how factors such as interest rates, competition, legislation and social trends can affect businesses.

  • Teaching Staff

    Miss C Williams, Subject Leader for Business email: BusinessStudies@jkhs.org.uk

    Mr J Forward

  • Key Stage 4

    BTEC First Award in Business is offered which comprises of four units. In Year 10 Students will complete assignments in two units: Unit 1: Enterprise in the Business World and Unit 3: Promoting a Brand. In Year 11, students will take an online exam in Unit 2: Finance for Business and a further assignment for Unit 8: Recruitment, Selection and Employment.

    Edexcel BTEC Exam Board Syllabus

  • Key Stage 5

    From September 2015 students will be following the new Linear AQA Business Studies specification.

    In Year 12 students will examine a broad range of areas relating to business organisation, operation and performance. These will be covered in the following six topic areas:
    • What is business?
    • Managers, leadership and decision making
    • Decision Making to improve marketing performance
    • Decision Making to improve operational performance
    • Decision Making to improve financial performance
    • Decision Making to improve human resource performance

    There will be two written examinations at the end of Year 12:
    Paper 1 (1 ½ hours) contains multiple choice questions, short answer and data response questions.
    Paper 2 (1 ½ hours) is one compulsory case study consisting of seven questions. These make up the AS qualification.

    The full A Level qualification consists of the all the content of the AS qualification plus the following topic areas:
    • Choosing strategic direction
    • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
    • Managing strategic change

    There are three examinations for the A Level qualification:
    Paper 1 (2 hours) contains multiple choice, short answer questions and two essay questions.
    Paper 2 (2 hours) contains three compulsory data response questions.
    Paper 3 (2 hours) contains one compulsory case study followed by six questions.

    AQA Linear Business Studies Introduction and specification

    Current Year 13 students will continue the Modular AQA A Level Business Studies at A2:

    • Unit 3 (Strategies for Success) again looks to each of the four functional areas explored in Unit 2 last year but in more depth, examining strategies used by each department that could contribute towards making a business more effective.
    • Unit 4 requires a broad understanding of ‘real life’ businesses and economic issues in order to answer two essay questions. All other examinations are based on unseen case study scenarios.

    The AQA Business Studies ‘A’ level specification