Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resources Centre provides a central role in the development of students’ reading capability. It is much more than a Library, as it is part of a new development base in lower school made up of the LRC, the new library and an ICT suite. It has an atmosphere that encourages the use of reading skills.

As well as English lessons, a regular feature is the paired reading sessions, organised by staff, but run by Sixth Form students, providing the listening skills to encourage young readers to improve.

Our specialist staff offer support in reading literacy and phonics to students in years 7-9.  Mrs Davies and Mrs Slater pride themselves on making reading fun, accessible and lively. World book day reading, Mastermind, Book Boxes and evening meals for parents are all normal for the LRC team.

Another Mrs Davies is developing the new Library right next door to the LRC.  Staffed by sixth formers and open at lunch times the library is widely used by all.


Download the booklet provided by the LRC to help you develop your child’s reading skills.