School Transport

Many students travel to School using buses.  The link on the right will display the current timetable for all buses and taxis that transport students to and from School.

Below is an overview of the routes available and you can download the detailed schedule for each bus using the link on the right.

DestinationCompanyContact NumberPass No & BaySeatsRoute
WalfordDukes Travel01989 750 295JKHS01 / B1133Walford, Howele Hill, Bishopswood
Bishopswood / CoughtonJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS02 / B48Bishopswood, Coughton (morning), Walford (afternoon).
Kings CapleStagecoach01452 418630JKHS03 / B357Fawley, Kings Caple, Hoarwithy, Harewood End, Peterstow
Glewstone / Hoarwithy / Holme LacyGeorge Young's01989 763889JKHS04 / B414Holme Lacy, Hoarwithy, and Glewstone
St Weonards / GarwayH&H Motors01989 566 444JKHS05 / B557Harewood End, St Weonards, Garway, St Owens Cross
Orcop / Harewood EndGeorge Young's01989 763889JKHS06 / B416Cross Country from Orcop, Harewood End
Llangrove / LlangarronH & H Motors01989 566 444JKHS07 / B753Llangrove, Llangarron, Glewstone
Whitchurch / GoodrichYoungs Coaches01989 763 889JKHS09 / B970Whichurch, Goodrich
Welsh Newton - Llangrove transferJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS10 / NA8Welsh Newton to Llangrove
Sellack JMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS11 / B48Sellack
Upton Bishop / Lea / PontshillStagecoach01452 418 630SC833 / B1080Double Decker from Upton Bishop, Lea and Weston
Sellack / StrangfordJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS13 / B416Sellack, Strangford and Bridstow
BrockhamptonJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS14 / B48Brockhampton
Lea Bailey / Aston CrewsYoungs Coaches01989 763 889JKHS15 / B629Linton, Lea and Lea Bailey
Phocle Green / Dancing GreenJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS16 / B416Phocle Green and Dancing Green
Doward - Whitchurch TransferJMC Taxis01600 890 998JKHS17 / NA8Doward to Whitchurch transfer
Lydbrook / ColefordH&H Motors01989 566 444JKHS18 / B135JKHS Bus - Lydbrook, Coleford
Cinderford / DrybrookH&H Motors01989 566 444JKHS19 / B253JKHS Bus - Ruerdean, Drybrook and Cinderford
MitcheldeanH&H Motors01989 566 444JKHS20 / B1135JKHS Bus - Mitcheldean
Garway / KingsthorneH&H Motors01989 566 444JKHS2145JKHS Bus - Garway, Broadoak, Wormlow and Kingsthorne
Gorsley / Upton BishopStagecoach01989 562319SVC3245Upton Bishop, Gorsley, Kilcot and Newent
Lea / Weston-u-PenyardStagecoach01989 562 319SVC33 / B145Weston, Lea and Longhope
Roman Way / TudorvilleStagecoach01989 562319Fares only / B635Ross Run-around - Archenfield, Roman Way, Tudorville

At the end of the School day all students who catch a bus are expected to assemble in the bus bays just outside the main gates of the School.  While here they are supervised by a team of duty staff including a member of the Senior Leadership Team until all buses and taxis have departed.

We make every effort to ensure that buses do not leave without the required passengers and vehicular egress from the School is blocked until it is considered safe to resume.