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Dear Parents & Carers

Since September 2015, we have shared the role of Chair of Trustees at John Kyrle. This has added strength to an already effective board of trustees.  We have complementary skills and work closely with the Headteacher, Nigel Griffiths, and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the leadership and management of our school is strong and effective.

Our very dedicated team of 20 trustees give their time and individual skills on a volunteer basis to the school. We represent our parent body, the community around us and both the teaching & support staff at the school. This balanced representation helps us to be a positive force in setting the strategic direction of the school, holding the Headteacher to account and ensuring the school is in a sound financial position. We think we speak for all the trustees when we say that creating the best possible environment for both current and future students is at the ‘heart’ of everything we do.

As a full board of trustees we meet every half term. Feeding into the main meetings is the dedicated work of our committees in the key areas of Curriculum, Finance and Personnel.  Trustees decide which committee they can best work on and have the choice to ‘drop-in’ to other committees so they understand many different aspects of school life and the decision making that takes place.  Meeting are lively and informative and trustees work closely with members of the school senior leadership team.  Our relationship is strong and makes for a positive environment.  Recently we have implemented Trustee Learning Walks to focus on key areas of school life so that we are up-to-date and in a position to ask probing questions.

In return for the work we do at John Kyrle, trustees have the opportunity to be fully involved with all aspects of school life. This ranges from interaction with the senior team, through visits to key areas of the school, and a wide range of school activities.  We enjoy being invited to the shows, concerts, sporting activities, exhibitions and feel proud when we are able to see at close hand the range of work and activities students undertake.  Moreover, trustees are involved in all interview processes for new staff.

Providing our time freely, does mean that we want to give purpose and meaning to our work and, as such, we like to do everything to a very high quality. So we are pleased that Ofsted have rated the governance of the school Outstanding in the last two inspections.  Likewise, we have also been successful on a couple of occasions in being awarded Governor Mark. This is an award that reviews the work of governing bodies against specific criteria of excellence. The first time we applied and were successful we were the 11th school in the UK to gain this national accreditation.

It is a pleasure to be trustees at a school where the ethos and attitude of leaders, staff and pupils is positive and encouraging. Trustees are always on-hand and available to speak to parents, students and the wider community either at school events or by contacting the school.  We welcome any thoughts and ideas that will help the on-going and future success of John Kyrle High School & Sixth Form Centre.

Best wishes
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Karen Frost (Community Trustee) & Jon Sanger (Parent Trustee)
Joint Chairs of Trustees


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Closed committees are Discipline, Appeals, Finance and Health & Safety. All trustees can attend all other committee meetings


JKHS Trustees


Mr Andrew Bailey
Mrs Karen Frost
Mr Neil Pascoe
Mr Jon Sanger
Mr Rick Stevenson

Board of Trustees:

Mr Andrew Bailey
Mr Mark Button
Mr Jason Harris
Mr Rob Jones
Mrs Belinda Macintosh
Mr Jon Sanger
Mr Rick Stevenson
Mrs Alison Thompson
Mrs Karen Frost
Mrs Diane Hudson
Mrs Helen Lindley
Mr Neil Pascoe
Mr David Potter
Mrs Denise Strutt
Mrs Lisa Lown
Mrs Julie Markey
Teaching Staff
Mrs Hayley Knapper
Mrs Kate Nicholls
Support Staff
Cllr Christopher Bartrum LA
Mr Nigel Griffiths (Headteacher) Ex Officio
Mrs Carol Straughan Clerk to the Board of Trustees


  • Mr Andrew James Bailey: Parent Trustee (Joint Chair, Finance Committee)

    Appointed 19th May 2015
    Andrew has two children at the school and was elected as a parent trustee in September 2015. Formerly Chair of Governors at a local primary school, he is an accountant by training and now provides business consultancy to local SME businesses. He also practices what he preaches as a part owner in an Arts Therapy business providing services to the public and private sectors.
  • Cllr Christopher Mark Bartrum: Local Authority

    Appointed 2nd February 2011
    Chris has lived in Ross since 2000. Both his daughters went to John Kyrle and both got a well-rounded education which enabled them to progress to Russell Group Universities. As a retired Inspector of Taxes, Chris has an interest in finance but is also delighted to be part of a team that focuses relentlessly on improving and driving up standards. Chris is also a Ross Town Councillor.
  • Mr Mark Christopher Button: Parent Trustee

    Appointed 1st September 2013
    Mark joined the Board of Trustees of John Kyrle High School in September, 2013 as a Parent Trustee, having lived in Ross for 12 years and having a son at the school and a daughter continuing through to the school’s Sixth Form College. He is a registered pharmacist who runs a group of community pharmacies and also works in the pharmaceutical industry. Mark is a trustee with special responsibility for Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) at the school, having a personal interest in the subject.
  • Mrs Karen Frost: Community Trustee (Joint Chair)

    Appointed 1st January 2011
    Karen has been a member of the Governing Board since 2000. She was appointed as a Community Governor co-opted by the Board of Governors and has been reappointed every 4 years since 2000. She was elected as Chair of Governors in 2004 and has been re-elected each year since. She is also Chair of the Pay Committee. Karen is married with two grown-up children who both went to John Kyrle High School. She is Operations Director for Values Based Leadership, an international leadership development company. She was appointed as a National Leader of Governance with the National College for Teaching and Leadership in 2013 and mentors up to six Chairs of Governors of other schools in Herefordshire and the wider schools community. She has, in the past year, conducted school reviews for schools in Ofsted categories and is a mentor for Teach First.
  • Mr Nigel Patrick Jonathan Griffiths: Headteacher

    Appointed 1st January 2011
    Nigel has been Head of the school since September 2000, and holds office as a Trustee in this role. As such, he attends all Committees which are led by Trustees who work closely with members of his Senior Leadership Group. Nigel presents at all Full Board of Trustees meetings and his Deputies also attend these but do not vote. Nigel is a qualified Ofsted Inspector and a National Leader of Education.
  • Mr Jason Michael Harris MBA-Cert ED-DSML: Parent Trustee

    Appointed 27th February 2012
    Married with two children, Jason lives in Herefordshire. He has a positive outlook in all aspects of work and private life. Being self-employed for much of his working life provided a unique position that forged the necessary skills of self-reliance and management. From this Jason moved into Lecturing in Music Technology at Herefordshire & Ludlow Colleges where he recognised the paths of success for a young person are so varied that they require support and guidance at every stage. From a single GCSE when he left school to recently completing a Masters in Business Administration Jason’s personal journey has been pivotal to his current roles as Course Leader in Music Technology, Mentor and Parent Trustee. His passion for allowing others to experience what he has achieved is what drives Jason to challenge and support the many varied circumstances that these roles embody and he looks forward to many more in the future.
  • Mrs Diane Elizabeth Hudson: Community Trustee (Vice Chair, Curriculum Committee)

    Appointed 2nd February 2011
    Diane has been re nominated by the trustees several times. She was initially a parent governor, who was elected three times by the parent body. She has previously been Vice Chair under three different Chairs and is currently Vice Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Diane has experience as a parent governor of Ashfield Park Primary School and has retired from a career in secondary education as Head of Department. Diane currently enjoys her involvement with English Heritage Discovery Visits for schools.
  • Mr Mark Christopher Hutton: Parent Trustee

    Appointed 1st September 2013
    Mark joined the Board of Trustees of John Kyrle High School in September, 2013 as a Parent Trustee, having lived in Ross for 12 years and having a son at the school and a daughter continuing through to the school’s Sixth Form College. He is a registered pharmacist who runs a group of community pharmacies and also works in the pharmaceutical industry. Mark is a trustee with special responsibility for Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) at the school, having a personal interest in the subject.
  • Mr Robert Jones: Parent Governor

    Appointed 28th November 2016
    Rob hails originally from the Forest of Dean but has also lived in Portugal and more recently Australia, where his two daughters were born. His eldest daughter is just starting Year 7 at JKHS and his youngest daughter is attending primary school in Ross. Rob now works as a Support Engineer on Simulator Equipment for the RAF and has worked all over the world including the Middle East, Australia and China. Being previously involved with his children’s schools in Australia he wanted to take on the role of Parent Trustee to get a better understanding of how JKHS is run and to contribute to the school and community.
  • Miss Stacey Fiona Kinloch: Teacher Trustee (Resigned August 2016)

    Appointed 3rd December 2012
    Stacey has been a member of JKHS Board of Trustees since 2012.  She was appointed as a Teacher Trustee and, more recently, as Vice Chair of the Personnel Committee.  She has been a teacher of RE and History at John Kyrle since 2010, when she joined as an NQT, relocating to Herefordshire from the Dales of North Yorkshire.
  • Mrs Hayley Maria Knapper: Support Staff Governor

    Appointed 14th May 2012
    Hayley has been a Support Staff Trustee since 2012.  She currently has two children at John Kyrle. Hayley’s role within the support staff is Careers Advisor.  In addition, she is Pastoral Support and a tutor for Year 11.  Hayley is Link Trustee to the Sixth Form and she is keen to continue with her role within school to maintain close links to the local and wider community supporting Sixth Form students with Work Experience placements.
  • Mrs Helen Louise Lindley: Community Trustee (Chair, Personnel Committee)

    Appointed 11th October 2013
    Helen was appointed as a Community Trustee in 2013. Her background is in post-16 education and vocational training. She currently works as an independent Quality Assurance Advisor to several Training organisations and an Awarding Body. Helen has lived in Ross for the past 23 years and has two children who both attended JKHS and Sixth Form college.
  • Mrs Lisa Jane Lown: Teacher Trustee

    Appointed 5th September 2016
    Lisa has been a teacher of Computer Science and IT at John Kyrle since 2010.  She has worked as an IT Technician and IT Trainer both in schools and in Industry before training to become a Teacher in 2008.  Lisa joined John Kyrle as Second in Department having successfully completed her NQT year at Cleeve School in Cheltenham.
  • Mrs Belinda Kate Mackintosh: Trustee

    Appointed 1st April 2014
    A parent trustee since 2014, Be has two children currently at the school. It has been an interesting and enlightening journey since her appointment, with Be trying to attend as many school functions and meetings as possible in order to gain a greater depth of knowledge and to ensure she can positively contribute as a parent trustee. Be had great fortune following her own school education to be able to attend a cooking school in London for a year – leading to a great passion for food and cooking. It is through this Be has carved a successful career not only as freelance cook but also as a cookery demonstrator, teacher and, at present, a cook for two Early Years Settings in Herefordshire. Through these varied positions Be has had many fantastic opportunities to instil the values of healthy eating, not only to adults but also to encourage children of all ages to eat a healthy and varied diet.
  • Mrs Julie Markey: Teacher Trustee

    Appointed 3rd February 2015
    Julie has been a Teacher Trustee since January 2015. She has worked at John Kyrle High School since 2005 as a Mathematics Teacher and also as a Head of Year for Lower School for the last three years. Before studying with The Open University and gaining a Mathematical Sciences degree Julie qualified and worked as a Microbiologist in the National Health Service.
  • Mrs Katherine Nicholls: Support-Staff Trustee (Chair, Health & Safety Committee)

    Appointed 2nd February 2011
    Kate has been a Governor/Trustee since 2001. She was originally appointed as a Parent Governor and then moved to Staff Governor. She is Chair of the Health and Safety Committee and safeguarding trustee. She has also served as SEN Governor. Her daughter, Abigail, has just successfully completed her GCSEs and will be joining John Kyrle’s VI Form in September. She has also seen two step-children through John Kyrle; they are now bringing up families of their own. Her role within the support staff is Staff Cover Manager. She also looks after School Transport and manages Lunch Duty Staff.
  • Mr Neil Barrington Pascoe : Community Trustee (Chair, Curriculum Committee)

    Appointed 2nd February 2011
    Neil has been a member of the boards of trustees for some time, initially as a Parent Trustee and, more recently, as a Community Trustee. Neil has three children all of whom attended the school, his daughter having left the Sixth Form in 2009. Neil currently works for a Housing Association based in the Forest of Dean providing affordable housing throughout West Gloucestershire and in South Herefordshire. He also chairs another Housing Association and sits as a Magistrate on the Herefordshire Bench. On the board of trustees, Neil currently chairs the Curriculum Committee and attends the Finance Committee.
  • David Potter: Community Trustee

    Appointed 5th September 2016
    David taught in schools and colleges for 17 years, including a period in charge of a large secondary school.  He then worked in local authorities as education adviser and inspector, eventually becoming deputy director of education, in charge of school improvement.  He then worked as a freelance school improvement adviser, including leading OfSTED inspections, acting as a DfE adviser on schools in difficulties, and supporting schools and education departments in the UK and abroad.  David has lived in the Forest of Dean for over 30 years; in addition to being a trustee at John Kyrle, he is a director of two multi-academy trusts in the Bristol area.
  • Mr Jonathan Patrick Sanger : Parent Trustee (Joint Chair)

    Appointed 28th September 2011
    Jon is now in his sixth year serving as a parent trustee.  His youngest son is in Year 12 and his remaining two children have successfully completed their journey through John Kyrle High School and are now at university. Living on Great Doward, Jon is a director of a locally-based technology company developing sensing devices for the consumer market. Currently joint Chair of Trustees, Jon has previously served on the Finance Committee and trustee with special responsibility for the Discipline Committee.
  • Mr Richard Ian Stevenson: Parent Trustee (Chair, Finance Committee)

    Appointed 2nd February 2011
    Rick’s youngest daughter is in her last year at John Kyrle’s Sixth Form. He is proud to have served as a parent trustee for the last four years, during which time he has learned a lot about the workings of the Academy and developed good working relationships with the Senior Leadership Team. He is currently serving as Chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Mrs Denise Joan Strutt: Community Trustee

    Appointed 10th November 2015
    Denise joined the board in October 2015 having retired as Headteacher of Whitecross School in Hereford in August 2015. During her Headship, she supported other Headteachers and their schools in her roles as a School Improvement Partner and a Local Leader of Education with the National College for Teaching and Leadership. She was Vice Chair of Governors/Trustees at Hereford College of Art for over 8 years and governor lead on Child Protection and Safeguarding. Denise is also a Governor at Queen Elizabeth High School in Bromyard. This reflects her particular interest in enabling students to achieve regardless of their ability or personal circumstances. She has lived in Ross with her partner for 14 years and loves singing (with the Ross Penyard Singers), reading, watching international sport and is beginning to tick off far-flung destinations on her wish list.
  • Mrs Ali Thompson: Parent Trustee

    Appointed 25th November 2016
    Ali has only very recently been elected as a parent trustee and is excited for the future in the role. She is a mum to three children, two boys aged 29, 27 and her daughter, who is a year 8 student at JKHS, is 13. She also has a 6 year old granddaughter and blessed to also have two grown up stepdaughters and three young step grandchildren.  She has worked for West Mercia Police for the past 10 years as a Police Community Support Officer and for the past 5 years has worked exclusively on the Youth Engagement Team. Although her primary role is to educate young people, she is committed to the safeguarding of them.

All trustees are appointed or elected for a four-year term of office.


All trustees are eligible to attend all committee meetings apart from those which are closed, viz Discipline, Appeals, Health & Safety and Pay (clink on the links in the table below to view the appropriate Term of Reference).

Chair: Mr Neil Pascoe
Vice Chair: Mrs Diane Hudson
Members: Mr Nigel Griffiths
Mr Rob Jones
Mrs Hayley Knapper
Mrs Helen Lindley
Mrs Belinda Mackintosh
Mrs Julie Markey
Mrs David Potter
Mr Jon Sanger
Mr Rick Stevenson
In attendance: Mr Andrew Bailey
Mr Dave Boyd
Mr Jason Harris
Chairs: Mr Andrew Bailey
Mr Rick Stevenson
Members:Mrs Karen Frost
Mr Nigel Griffiths
Mrs Diane Hudson
Mr Neil Pascoe
Mr Jon Sanger
In attendance: Mr Mark Burton
Mr John Docherty
Chair: Mrs Helen Lindley
Vice Chair: Mrs Denise Strutt
Members: Mr Andrew Bailey
Mr Nigel Griffiths
Mrs Diane Hudson
Mrs Lisa Lown
Mrs Julie Markey
Mrs Kate Nicholls
Mr David Potter
Mr Jon Sanger
Mr Rick Stevenson 

 In attendance: Mr Jason Harris
Mr Kristian Phillips
Mrs Carol Straughan


Mr Jason Harris
Mrs Diane Hudson
Mr Mark Hutton
Mrs Belinda Mackintosh
Mr Neil Pascoe

Committee (Staff & Student)
Chair: Mr Jason Harris
Mrs Alison Thompson
Health & Safety Committee Business Manager:
Site Manager:
Deputy Headteacher:
Head of PE:
Head of Technology:
Resources Supervisor:
Mr John Docherty
Mrs Kate Nicholls
Mr Andrew James
Mr Mark Burton
Mr Mike Donoghue
Mr James Morgan
Mrs Wendy Dallison
Pay Committee Mr Andrew Bailey
Mrs Karen Frost
Mrs Helen Lindley
Mr Neil Pascoe
Mr Jon Sanger
Mr Rick Stevenson


Link Trustees Roles:

Attendance Mrs Denise Strutt
Health & Safety Mrs Kate Nicholls
Literacy Mrs Diane Hudson
Pupil Mentoring Mr David Potter
Pupil Premium Mr Jason Harris
SEND Mr Mark Hutton
Sixth Form Mrs Hayley Knapper


Trustees’ Business & Pecuniary Interests:

  • We maintain a register of pecuniary interests which is updated annually.

    Forms are held by Clerk to the Trustees.  As of March 2017 the pecuniary interests declared were:

     Trustee Non-pecuniary Pecuniary
    Mr Andrew Bailey 2 children @ JKHS None
    Cllr Christopher Bartrum None None
    Mr Mark Hutton 1 child @ JKHS None
    Mrs Karen Frost Chair of Governors @ Dean Academy, Gloucester Advisor to four Acres Charity Trust on developing learning skills and working as a National Leader of Governance with six Chairs of Governors to other schools in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire
    Mr Nigel Griffiths None Lead Inspector, Ofsted
    Mr Jason Harris 1 child @ JKHS None
    Mrs Diane Hudson None None
    Mr Robert Jones 1 child @JKHS None
    Mrs Hayley Knapper 2 children @ JKHS None
    Mrs Helen Lindley None None
    Mrs Lisa Lown 1 child @ JKHS None
    Mrs Belinda Macintosh 1 child @ JKHS Freelance cook/demonstrator/teacher working with two early years settings in Herefordshire
    Mrs Julie Markey None None
    Mrs Kate Nicholls None None
    Mr Neil Pascoe None None
    Mr David Potter Governor @ St Anthony’s Primary School in Cinderford None
    Mr Jon Sanger 1 child @ JKHS None
    Mr Rick Stevenson 1 child @ JKHS Director, Swimming Pool Solutions
    Mrs Denise Strutt Governor, QE Bromyard None
    Mrs Alison Thompson 1 child @ JKHS

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates:

  • 2016/17

    Trustees  Finance Curriculum Personnel

    Tue 27/09/16

    Tue 06/12/16

    (AGM 6pm)
    (BoT 6.30pm)

    Mon 26/09/16

    Mon 28/11/16



     Tue 20/09/2016

    Tue 22/11/16



    Tue 15/11/16



    Tue 07/02/17

    Tue 28/03/17

    Mon 09/01/17 (tbc)

    Mon 20/02/17

    Tue 24/01/17


    Tue 17/01/17(tbc)

    Tue 14/03/17


    Tue 23/05/17

    Tue 11/07/17

    Mon 15/05/17

    Mon 03/07/17

    Tue 13/06/17


    Tue 09/05/17

    Tue 20/06/17

Trustees’ Attendance (2015/16):

  • Board Meetings

    Meetings attended Out of a possible
    Mrs Karen Frost (Joint Chair) 5 6
    Mr Jon Sanger (Joint Chair) 5 6
    Mr Nigel Griffiths (Headteacher) 4 6
    Mr Rod Barker (resigned 09/12/15) 0 2
    Mr Andrew Bailey 6 6
    Cllr Christopher Bartrum 3 6
    Mr Mark Button 5 6
    Mr Jason Harris 5 6
    Mrs Diane Hudson 5 6
    Mrs Stacey Kinloch (resigned 31/08/16) 5 6
    Mrs Hayley Knapper 3 6
    Mrs Helen Lindley 4 6
    Mrs Belinda Mackintosh 5 6
    Mrs Julie Markey 5 6
    Mrs Kate Nicholls 4 6
    Mr Neil Pascoe 6 6
    Mr Rick Stevenson 6 6
    Mrs Debbie Stock (resigned 25/09/15) 1 1
    Mrs Denise Strutt (appointed 26/11/15) 3 5
    Mr Charlie Whitehouse (resigned 07/07/15) 1 1
  • Finance Committee

     Meetings attended Out of a possible
    Mrs Karen Frost (Joint Chair) 3 5
    Mr Jon Sanger (Joint Chair) 4 5
    Mr Rick Stevenson (Chair Finance) 5 5
    Mr Nigel Griffiths (HEadteacher) 4 5
    Mr Andrew Bailey 3 5
    Mr Rod Barker (resigned 09/12/15) 1 1
    Cllr Christopher Bartrum 0 5
    Mr Mark Button 0 5
    Mr Jason Harris 1 5
    Mr s Diane Hudson 2 5
    Mrs Stacey Kinloch (resigned 31/08/16) 0 5
    Mrs Hayley Knapper 2 5
    Mrs Helen Lindley 0 5
    Mrs Belinda Macintosh 1 5
    Mrs Julie Markey 4 5
    Mrs Kate Nicholls 0 5
    Mr Neil Pascoe 3 5
    Mrs Denise Strutt (appointed 26/11/15) 1 3
    Mr Charlie Whitehouse (resigned 07/07/15) 0 1

Please contact Mrs Carol Straughan, Clerk to the Trustees, about all matters relating to the Trustees, including requests for copies of minutes.