Remote Access

Remote Access
This page is provided to provide Remote Access to the JKHS School Network.

Download this file. You will need to right click on it and select ‘Save target as…’ or ‘Save link as…’ depending on the browser you are using. As you will need to run this link to gain remote access we suggest you download it to your desktop.

  1. Run the ‘jkhsbroadband.rdp‘ file now from wherever you saved it. (If this is NOT your desktop, make sure you know where it is.)
  2. At the prompt about a security warning tick the box and choose OK – it is secure
  3. At the log-on box enter your usual network username and password. Your username should be in the format of JKHS-PD\username

You should now have access remotely to the School system.

If you are using an Apple computer or and android device, you could download an app called ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ available from your app-store. This can be configured to provide direct access. The PC Name (IP address is): Your network username should be preceded with ‘JKHS-PD\‘ and, of course you will need your network password. All other options can be configured to suit your own needs / facilities. Using this method you will be directed to your school desktop. From here, you can use the normal method to navigate to your required files and applications.