Code of Conduct

At John Kyrle we want everyone to achieve their own personal best and to help others achieve theirs. We also want everyone to feel valued, secure and confident.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the high standards of behaviour we need to help us do this. It outlines the simple rules we expect students to follow, the rewards with which we celebrate success, and the consequences which may arise if these rules are broken.

  • Rules

    • Attend School regularly
    • Be on time for registration and lessons
    • Wear full School uniform
    • Bring all necessary equipment
    • Treat everyone who works in or visits the School with respect and consideration
    • Behave sensibly at all times
    • Keep the School, and everything in it, clean and tidy
    • Be a good ambassador for the School in the community
  • Around School

    • Move quietly and sensibly, keeping to the left on stairs and corridors
    • Do not chew anywhere on the premises
    • Only eat or drink in the dining room or yard, and put all rubbish in bins
    • Keep mobile phones switched off, except during breaks or lunchtimes
  • Within Lessons

    • Follow the classroom expectations and always try your best
  • The Law

    Any activity which is against the law is also completely unacceptable in School. This includes:

    • Racist, sexist, threatening or bullying behaviour
    • Physical violence and carrying offensive weapons
    • Theft
    • Vandalism and maliciously setting off the fire alarm
    • Smoking, taking or selling drugs, drinking alcohol
  • Rewards

    • Praise
    • Commendations
    • Awards, certificates and letters home
    • Prize draws
    • End of term awards trips
  • Consequences

    • Warnings
    • Extra work
    • Break, lunch time and after School detentions
    • Reports
    • Withdrawal of privileges
    • Isolation
    • Exclusion


  • Boys’ Uniform

    Black trousers (formal / tailored)
    Black sweatshirt with School badge
    Red polo shirt with School badge
    Black socks (over the ankle)
    Plain black shoes


    Black shorts
    Red reversible shirt with black band
    Plain white t-shirt  (gymnastics)
    Plain red football socks
    Training shoes
    Shin pads
    Rugby or football boots

    You can click on the image to view full size.

  • Girls’ Uniform

    Black trousers (formal / tailored) The School’s preferred option is for all students to wear trousers.
    (If a skirt is worn it must be knee length and worn with black tights.  It must be a tailored skirt and not a stretch style.)
    Black sweatshirt with School badge
    Red polo shirt with School badge
    Black socks (over the ankle)
    Plain black shoes


    Black pleated skirt & black shorts, or black skort
    White polo shirt (short sleeves)
    White socks
    Knee-length red socks
    Training shoes
    Shin pads

    You can click on the image to view full size.

  • All students should use a suitable rucksack, across both shoulders, to carry books, kit and other equipment.  (Handbags and shoulder bags are not allowed).

    All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name.

    We expect pupils to maintain a high standard of dress and we would ask parents to support our efforts in this.  In particular, extremes of hairstyle either in cut or colour are not permitted.  Make-up is not acceptable.

    For security and safety reasons, jewellery should not be brought to school.  Pupils who have their ears pierced may wear a single earring or one pair of studs (one in each ear); no other piercings are permitted.  Pupils may wear one plain ring and a wrist watch only, no neck chains or bracelets.  Jewellery must be removed for P.E. lessons.


The following is a list of retailers that can supply school Uniform: